Aurora in Paris : interview

Was there a clic when you decided to do music ? I know that you start with the piano of your sister..

Well, the story (laughs) My oldest sister Miranda is about 10 years older than me and she played piano at home. She stopped when she was around 16, and then I was 6 and i guess the piano was put up in the attic. I just realised how much I love the sound of piano, it calms me down, it’s so beautiful, so i went up to the attic and i began to play and I just realised it was quite easy to make music out of the different notes. I just began learning myself and I never stopped.
When I was around nine I did lyrics to my melodies, and I never stopped of doing that either because it made me feel powerful and wonderful. So it’s a wonderful gift to have a way to live this life, to write about it in songs.

What inspired you for the lyrics ?

Everything ! All the small meaningful things that also are quite meaningless in the big picture. It is just like this world, this planet and us. We’ve been there for so long and we just are just people, really simple creatures but still very complicated. And it is fascinating to write about people. I write sometimes about my own experiences if i have some to get away from my mind, it helps writing about it, put it in a song and then move on for a while.
I write about things i experienced but mostly about things I see, i observe the world and people. Just looking at the window can be very inspiring.

You say a lot of wise things during your interviews or even the title of your album, are you reading self improvement books ?

I do quite a lot actually. I love the fact our minds are so powerful, if our mind is determined to be sad, it can make us sick, depressed for a long time. Also we can’t help it sometimes because our mind is so powerful. The way our brain can make us think that we are better or worse than we are, it is very fascinating to see. I believe that the mind is very powerful, I can think my way to telling myself to get well again if i am sick or be to happy if I am exhausted and not feel being social, and i have to be social anyway, i try to fix my thoughts and make myself open for people or for conversation, you can definitely change a lot by focus a lot. I do a lot of yoga it helps i believe.

Is there any book you want to recommend ?

I do read a book now, i don’t know what it is called, i bought it in Texas in a small book store. It is about the indian philosophy. I am very into nature, it is important that we respect nature, we are lucky to have such a beautiful nature around us : pure water, trees that gives us oxygen, mountains to climb…
I would recommend The Secret : it is about the mind and think yourself to happiness, it is good one.

I love your Instagram and your music videos, particularly I went to far. I’ve noticed, on your Instagram and that you are always wearing green or yellow a lot, so I wanted to know how you work on your pictures, and music videos and stuff…

I like to have a certain color scheme, that a video has colors that goes again and again, I went to far is a lot of blue and it is has this coldness that i like : it hasn’t all the colors in the world but a few, that makes me feel calm when I feel that the colors are in harmony. It is very important for me. On my instagram as well : sometimes I release a photo and if it doesn’t fit with all the others so i delete it. I want that all the pictures are in harmony with each other and in music videos as well. I don’t like bright colors, i like them a bit shy…

Do you work with directors, how do you choose people you work with to do videos ? Are you coming with ideas ?

I’ve been directing a few videos myself, coming with ideas, telling them what I want that to happen… I do have a lot of opinions for everything in my name basically so I decide the plot in the video… For other videos, I found a director I like, that has good videos from before, and I tell him what is the message in the song, what do we need to tell and then, i want them to find an idea to symbolise that. It is very different from time to time, i am definitely very bossy…

What are you doing when you are sad ?

It depends. I like to be alone. Sometimes, I write a song about it, i don’t like to be in a complete quiet room when i am sad, it is annoying, because you are so alone with your feelings… I need to go outside for a walk, unless it is sunny, i hate to be in the sun when I am sad, but if it is cloudy, i like being outside just walking, trying to figure out why i am sad. And also I tell myself that it is ok to be sad, that i won’t be sad forever, just a little while and it is fine to be sad today.

Have you got an advice for people who wants to do music ?

When you’re young and you want to be on stage, to be an artist or a musician, you feel like you have a hurry for doing it, you have to do it as quick as possible. I think i would give them the advice to not sign up in tv shows or things like that because you got success very quickly and maybe it disappears after as well very quickly… I would recommend to find people who knows the industry and then focus on what you want to say. If you have something real then, people would like it, because people like what is real, real emotions are very humans. If you have a story to tell, just take your time, build up slowly and appreciate your fans as well.

What are your plans in the future ?

I want to release a new album as soon as possible. If it was up to be i would released an album like yesterday, i would release more new music, because the first album was done a year before it was released so it was already felt old when it was new to the world which was very strange. I have moved on a bit from that landscape of sounds so i can’t wait to release more music.
I am just gonna continue being on tour until the 19th of december, then I’ll be home for xmas and then out again to Australia next year I think. Then, i will focus on making an album because cause small things can annoy me if everything isn’t just how i want and i become crazy. So it is important to focus on why i am doing this and the big things. I know why people like and what they see in me, it is not about how the base drum on the song sounds, it is not about the small things, it is about the big things and music is much bigger than me, my music is bigger than me, i am just a tiny person, music is divine, i am just focus on that.

You are touring a lot, how do you bring a home feeling with you ?

Well, I actually bring a lot of things with me ! I have a lot of books, I love to read. I am into good smells so I bring incense, with the smell of sandal wood which I recommend to you, it is the best smell, i like to bring it with me.
I have a lot of teddy bears, frogs, i love frogs at the time so i have a lot of frogs teddy bears. I just brings things that i like. And I try to to decorate the room with my things and pretend that it is my apartment for a day at least, it helps.

How do you feel about your international career, I saw you in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ? It’s huge !

It was fun ! TV shows are the strangest things, you know it is huge and millions of people are watching but you can’t really see them… You are just in a room with a few people and Jimmy Fallon as well, but then people are just people.
It was very fun to play, but tv shows are very strange because you wait maybe for 5 hours before you play, so it is always a very long day and you get very tired and then you go on stage and you play for 3 min and then it is over ! So it’s always a mix feeling about it because it is always a very exhausting day and then it goes so quickly when you are on and deliver everything you have in 3 minutes. And after i did it, i don’t really think about it, it is amazing to do it back then, but i don’t think much about what i’ve done in the past.

You seem to be a very present person, you also say that you are scary about the future…

(laughs) Yeah ! I don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday that much ! There are always enough things to think about right now so i stick to that.

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