A new season begins ! Life begins around again and I did so many things that I didn't have real time to update the LJ ;) So first of all, I did a blend for a Battle :

I've seen differents movie recently : Broken Flowers I liked it, it has the same low rythm than Lost in Translation. We follow Don during his journey, like he turns back to see what he left behind. It is funny to discover how the women with whom he shared a part of his life are so different from one to another. I also like the contrast of  living of the different persons. More than the life of Don, it is a description of the society, of different ways of living. I also really appreciate the way of filming : a lot of images, and not so much dialogues. So we really have feelings on the situations as we were in it. And that is a really good point. Some moments are very funny… ( like when Don is obscessed with the pink color and thinks the guy is his child and so on… ) and all is just suggest by images :) The last thing I want to say about this movie is what Don consider as a « sign » : the name of a ex's dog which is exactly the same than his friend who forced him to do all this trip. Often in life we see sort of « signs » that are not really ones, but it reflects what we feel. It is not the best movie, but there is a reference to that in Fools rush in (Mathew Perry, Salma Hayek) « there are signs everywhere ». Also in the middle of The OC season 2, when Summer sees a child playing at the airport and makes her think to Seth. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang First of all, I have to say that I really like Robert Downey Jr so it was a pleasure to see him in that movie. I also liked Michelle Monaghan, she's so pretty :) The movie is original by the way it is told cause Harry is the narrator of the movie and can stop it at anytime, to make comments. And he interfers each time when we think like « ooooh ok » or « nooo they can't do that », it is like he can catch our thoughts :) The movie is also divided by paragraphs. Well, I had a great time, and pink or red hair rocks, definitively. Il ne faut jurer de rien A French movie, it was a premiere and some of the actors and the director was there so it was a pleasure to see them at the end of the projection. It was entertaining, like a play but on a big screen :) More news to come later.

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Yesterday, I talked with someone about the different possibilities of the end of  The Jacket.
Normally, there is only one ( or two it depends ) but you can also
consider it in another way (even if we're not sure of that theory). It
was pretty interesting, and makes me realize even more how much I like
this movie, but indeed, it is not a secret anymore :p

Otherwise, I saw Dr T. and women.
It is a really mad movie, with a lot of clichés and we don't know how
Dr T. can live like that ! And for this point, the movie is well done.
I laughed a lot at the end with the hurricane thing… and was very
surprised when a nino borned, 'cause I found it beautiful. For the first
time, I was really focused on the happiness of that child coming to the
world more that the poor woman who are sufferring to make him born.

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Have you ever asked yourself what your life would be if an event never happened… Well that's what The Jacket is about ! I saw the movie last week end, and I really loved it ! I felt so touched at the end of the movie. The last sentence is a sentence already used in the movie before, but this time it has another sense, more deep, in order to make us think. I felt totally in love with that movie ! And moreover, it has something to do with Time Travelling and I really like that ! So I did an avatar about it

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Today is the day of creation of my Live Journal. I found this layout awesome, even if it is not made by me so I guess I will keep it :)

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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